Who we are


Who we are

Volunteer Activists Institute (VA) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and independent institute, whose primary aim is capacity building among activists and civil society organizations; facilitation of information exchange among civil society activists, and advocacy and expansion of democracy, human rights and peace building within Iranian society and communities in the MENA region.

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Volunteer Activists aims to reflect the voices of civic actors and engage them, helping them to develop their own programming for expanding social existence and associative life by:

Facilitating a successful transition of a democratic society, and consolidating the foundations of democracy

Capacity-building and empowering, deepening, and expanding civil society, advocating and advancing civic-minded and civic morality behavior, and creating a culture of volunteer action and associative life

Spreading and promoting professionalism and good governance practices amongst civil society organizations

Promoting theoretical knowledge, producing literature, and advancing and expanding thoughts on civil rights and duties, development, democracy, and human rights in Iranian society

Facilitating access to, circulation of, and free exchange of information between activists and organizations within civil society

Creating an appropriate atmosphere for theoretical exchanges and dialogue between activists in local civil society and international civil society.



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