Civil Society Watch for Iran

Our objective is to empower the civil society to have an active role in the process of decision making and influence the policy development; creating an enabling environment for the civil society to exercise its power and responsibilities; monitoring the status of civil society in Iran and report on any form of development in its status; reporting on the status of civil society in Iran to the international community, including the UN mechanisms, International Organizations and EU Parliament; raising awareness among the international community about the status of civil society in Iran.
Our method:

  • Designing, developing and keeping an up-to-date a bilingual website in Persian and English to disseminate information and news about the civil society in Iran.
  • Creating a database of civil society and the changes occurring in its status.
  • Producing bilingual reports about the status of civil society in Iran every 6 months.
  • Circulating a bulletin addressing the international civil society network, the UN Human Rights Council and the Special mechanisms and the politicians.
  • Creating an advisory report for the donors which points out the latest needs of the civil society in Iran that requires support.


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