Organizational Structure

The bodies of the Volunteer Activists consist of the management board, executive director, the research and training department, the center for knowledge exchange, the advocacy and support department, the volunteering department, and the administration and finance department.

  • The management board consists of three members. The members of the management board are volunteers and they are responsible for all policy-making and supervision of programming and activities of the organization. The executive director is elected by the management board and has executive responsibility for the organization and its activities.
  • The research and training department is responsible for planning and managing all research-related and training activities, from the stage of developing proposals, planning and implementing the plans, and finally evaluating them.
  • The center for knowledge exchange is responsible for all organizational documentation, publications, exchanges, producing and editing literature on civil society, democracy, human rights, and peace, and establishing social dialogues between activists and organizations in Iranian civil society and those of global civil society.
  • The advocacy and support department is responsible for planning the advocacy and support activities in the field of human rights, democracy, and peace. The department is responsible for publicizing the issues, making society sensitive to them, mobilizing public opinion, and forming widespread campaigns within Iranian society.
  • The administration and finance department is responsible for all activities related to financial affairs, financing all projects and activities, and official contracts, including those involving staffs, advisors, and volunteers.
  • The volunteering department is responsible for all political-social activists who are involved in the planning and activities of the organization.


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