Knowledge and Experience

With our Knowledge and Experience program, our main goal is to bring the Iranian civil society to its well-deserved status.
This means transforming the power structure and society and stabilizing the democracy and development in the country. We do this by increasing the level of theoretical knowledge and vocational skills of the civil society activists and institutions in Iran so they can support the civil society in transforming the power structure. In combination we exchange knowledge and experience between Iranian and international civil society activists and/or institutes to assist them in mobilizing the civil society.
Our method:

  • Creating a database and building a network through creating an open and accessible database. We aim at creating a platform for Iranian and international civil society activists and institutes to share ideas and experiences, as well as to provide information to have an overview of the project that have been and are being implemented in Iran.
  • Organizing webinars in audio-video and text for exchange of knowledge and experience, covering a wide range of topics such as good governance and advocacy, gender sensitivity, inclusion of ethnic, sexual and religious minorities and working in high risk environments.
  • Publishing references to guarantee the sustainability of the objectives of the program by providing not only up-to-date (online) theoretical resources but also creating Persian references for the civil society activists and institutions.
  • Publishing a quarterly magazine to create a platform for the civil society activists and institutes to share their knowledge and experience.
  • Organizing educational tours for the Iranian Civil Society institutes. This will offer them the opportunity to learn from international organizations and the best practices. The tours would include various workshops on subjects related to civil society.


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