Our Core Values

Our essential belief is a transparent and accountable civil society. We are equally dedicated to a diverse and participatory approach.

Recognizing that the transparency of civil society is the key to achieving the kind of long lasting

change that will drive democratic values forward in governance and the civil society itself, Volunteer Activists is dedicated to achieving this transparency, both in its projects and within the organization itself.

Recognizing that effective, responsive and accountable governance in civil society requires the inputs of all stakeholders, Volunteer Activists is committed to inspiring dialogue from the bottom up, promoting consultations, building consensus, facilitating convergence, forging partnerships and engaging diverse stakeholders.

Recognizing that the plurality of voices in Iran and the MENA region lies at the heart of its strength, Volunteer Activists will respect the diversity of the people of these societies in fulfilling its mission. It is committed to the equality of opportunity for all to respect for difference and to be an inclusive organization, respectful of all genders, orientations, religions and minority groups.
Participatory approach

Recognizing that the participatory approach is the path for civil society to be involved in shaping its future, Volunteer Activists encourages and engages the different stakeholders in the “dialogue” where the role of Civil Society as an integral part of the governance is identified.


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