Road Map

Part of the Advocacy program, our Road Map project facilitates in the process of creating a shared vision and mission, as well as actually developing a strategic road map for Civil Society organizations. Part of our strategy is analyzing the history of social movement in Iran after the Constitutional Revolution; understanding the (possible) common perspective among civil society activists; instructing the strategic thinking and planning process; identifying sustainable strategic directions and strategic framework; facilitating the process of networking between Iranian civil society activists and international counter-partners.
Our method:

  • Enlisting the needs and potentials of the social movement.
  • Evaluating the activities, accomplishments and failures of the civil society activists and organizations over the last decade.
  • Undertaking an external and internal environmental scan (SWOT Analysis).
  • Craft a common set of objectives and goals for civil society activists working inside the country as well as detect the obstacles for achieving those objectives and goals.
  • Developing a strategic road-map for civil society organizations.


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