WORKERS RIGHTS WATCH July to December 2023


A biannual report on worker protests and evolving labor regulations in Iran

July to December 2023

This document represents the result of the Volunteer Activists’ (VA) effort to thoroughly examine labor-related issues and protests in Iran during the period spanning July to December 2023. This report is the third in a series of reports that VA will publish twice a year, aiming to provide regular updates on labor issues and protests in Iran.

By doing so, VA aims to provide the global community with deeper insights into the prevailing labor challenges and protests in Iran. The acknowledgment of their voices on an international stage is crucial for the advancement of Iran’s labor movement. Additionally, gaining a profound understanding of Iranian workers’ needs and the requirements of trade unions advocating for them enables international donors to tailor subsequent programs and activities, thereby enhancing organizational effectiveness. Leveraging its connections within Iran, VA is positioned relatively well to furnish this valuable information.

The intricate landscape of Iranian labor, characterized by its diversity, necessitated extensive and meticulous research to map the situation regarding labor issues and struggles comprehensively. Our evaluation of the landscape, encompassing labor issues and rights, drew upon both primary and secondary sources. VA engaged in (online) interviews with on-the-ground labor activists. Secondary data sources included verified media reports, published research, and social media monitoring.



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