Special Report on the Impact of State Violence on

the Iranian Teacher Movement, Centering on the Period May 2022 to September 2023

Teachers are among the most organized workers’ groups in Iran. However, the presence of the Iranian teacher trade union movement is relatively obscure outside the country. This report sheds light on the Iranian teachers‘ trade union movement’s experiences and challenges against a backdrop of severe government repression – whilst also discussing avenues for the international community to provide assistance.

This report studies the history of the teachers’ trade union movement in Iran and looks at the major events impacting the movement between May 2022 and September 2023. The aims of this report include:

  • To evaluate the factors influencing teachers’ trade union activities, including their participation in the popular protests of autumn 2022.
  • To examine the context in which teachers operate, including the structure of Iran’s education system and the history of the teachers’ trade movement.
  • To identify teachers’ trade union demands.
  • To highlight government threats and pressures on teachers’ trade associations and activists, including arrests and loss of employment.

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